Welcome to the next revolution in drinks…

The plastic-free drink concentrate.

All the taste, none of the waste.

In Aotearoa New Zealand alone, we throw away a staggering
2 billion* single-use plastic drinks containers each year, with less than 9% of those ever getting recycled.

Here is the solution.

Incrediballs are compact, concentrated balls of incredible (or incrediball) flavours and delicious ingredients. All you do is drop one in a glass (or bottle) of water (still, or sparkling, hot or cold), and drink up. Or go crazy and dress them up with spirits (with or without the alcohol) and make yourself a fancy drink, without the single-use mini umbrella though please.

We're launching these across Aotearoa, Australia and the USA in 2024 so join us to hear about our progress and be among the first to try an Incrediball.